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"Michael Cliggitt became an invaluable partner when I sold my commercial building after retiring. He was proactive at every bump in the road, solved all the issues that arose, and masterfully negotiated a deal nicely beyond my expectations. Mike was most definitely an indispensable asset to have!"                                                                                                                                                                              -Al F.

Mike Cliggitt is a Commercial Realtor and the president/ managing broker of Cliggitt Realty. With 2 decades of experience working with commercial and industrial properties in the Florida market, Mike is well positioned to provide unparalleled insight into the market and help you buy and sell with confidence. In addition to his real estate sales activity, Mike also oversees the operations of a commercial real estate valuation business is intimately familiar with property values of commercial, office, and industrial properties in the Tampa market. Thinking about selling your property? Fill out the form above for your FREE market report or call Mike to find out how he can help!

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